Episode 10

Hooked on Sharks

Cristina Zenato, Underwater Explorer, has been called “The Guardian of the Ocean” and “The Shark Whisperer” for reasons you’ll learn in our next fascinating conversation with Co-Hosts Dr. Chick Morgan and Rodney Bursiel.

Cristina’s passion for “her” sharks in The Bahamas, as well as sharks all over the world, is remarkable, as are her tireless efforts to educate people everywhere about these important, beautiful, and endangered creatures and the ocean world they live in.

Episode 10: Hooked on Sharks

by Chick Morgan and Rodney Bursiel

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  1. When I first saw the video of the woman who removed over 300 hooks, I immediately shared with my daughter-16. She’s that kind of gal….wants to experience everything. She loved it. Great conversation on here… thanks for being on the podcast! FYI. I grew up with surface caves in my backyard- Natural Stone Bridge & Caves. It’s been in the family since The Revolutionary War times. If you’re ever in Upstate NY / Adirondack Mountains in the summer and wish to explore the caves/underground caves – our family would welcome it. My oldest brother runs the show now.


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