Episode 12

Poet is Not a Four Letter Word

Join Co-Hosts Dr. Chick Morgan and Rodney Bursiel in the studio with Nathan Brown, Ph.D., poet, book publisher, writer, author, songwriter and musician, as he takes us through his journey as a performing and touring artist during these strange and difficult times.

The Question: What do you do when the gigs and tours vanish overnight? The Answer: Get very creative very quickly. You’ll hear about Nathan’s new works of commissioned poetry that have generated three new volumes of poetry and led to the already iconic “Fire Pit Sessions,” as well as about his new series of travel books, A Vagabond Abroad.

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  1. Nathan promoted this.
    though it was long, it was enjoyable.
    I must say Dr. Morgan you have a wonderful voice. It is distinct, clear, and engaging.
    I will be back to listen again in the future.
    Patrick Lee Marshall


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